Experience the sound of live instruments as they play back through the custom designed Integrity of Sound.  Hand crafted and custom designed to meet the music enthusiast in the critical middle band of the music spectrum, when it comes to easy listening the Integrity of Sound provides maximum fulfillment and excitement.

Whether in the home, exclusive lounge and lobby setups, spa's, music rooms, or entertainment settings, the Integrity of Sound provides a true sense of pleasure to it's audience.

Like most live musical performances, the listener is in a seated position which speaks of the height chosen for the design goal of this monitor.  It is at ear level that the Integrity of Sound is at it’s best by bringing all four music transducers in unison with one another which creates a concentrated listening area similar to the light ray of a light house.  We call this the “Light House Effect”.

It is through this array, along with the speed and linear frequency response of the carefully selected speaker transducers, that the Integrity of Sound delivers. the full richness, detail, textural balance, depth, articulation, and spaciousness that is needed in music playback to recreate the soundstage in the mind of the listener.


The pair includes a 3.5mm Y-Cable for Mp3 or iPod to stereo receiver or amplifier use.

Speakers come in three base colors: black, white, and natural sand.

For added realism in the mid bass and highs, an external EQ, preset EQ through the Mp3 or iPod, or simply a little bass and treble from a conventional receiver can be used.

Also in larger settings a powered sub can be added to the system for further bass extension and volume increase across the entire bandwidth.

Call or email us at 412-904-8844 or john@kingofkingsroyalhair.com for auditions with your choice of music material and playback source.